2021 held a remote relaunch event following a year break due to COVID hosted by University of Bradford.

11:00-11:10Welcome (Kirsten Riches-Suman)
11:10-12:30Session 1 (Chair: Maxime Boidin, Liverpool John Moores)
11:10-11:30University of Bradford Overview of vascular research (Kirsten Riches-Suman)Flash presentation 1 (Jacobo Elies)Flash presentation 2 (Maria Osei-Wusuansa)Flash presentation 3 (Huw Simon Jones)
11:30-11:50University of Sheffield Overview of vascular research (Paul Evans)Flash presentation 1 (Aya YM Elwazir)Flash presentation 2 (George Bowley)Flash presentation 3 (Ziqi Zhou)
11:50-12:10  University of Hull Overview of vascular research (Francisco Rivera / Tim Palmer)Flash presentation 1 (Olapeju Bolanle)Flash presentation 2 (Eamon Faulkner)Flash presentation 3 (Chris Sennet)
12:10-12:30University of Wolverhampton Overview of vascular research (Angel Armesilla)Flash presentation 1 (Kinza Khan)Flash presentation 2 (Krithika Kalyanakrishnan)Flash presentation 3 (Suhail Ahmed)
12:30-1:30Lunch break
1:30-2:30Session 2 (Chair: Jovana Serbanovic Canic, University of Sheffield)
1:30-1:50Manchester Metropolitan University Overview of vascular research (Fiona Wilkinson)Flash presentation 1 (Azziza Zaabalawi)Flash presentation 2 (Rob Beal)Flash presentation 3 (Marilena Crescente)
1:50-2:10University of Liverpool Overview of vascular research (Richard Rainbow)Flash presentation 1 (Fada Alanazi)Flash presentation 2 (Avnish Verma)Flash presentation 3 (Muhammad Abdelaziz)
2:10-2:30Sheffield Hallam University Overview of vascular research (Prachi Stafford / Dan Kelly)Flash presentation 1 (Nik Kudiersky)Flash presentation 2 (Chloe Harding)Flash presentation 3 (TBA)
2:30-2:50Afternoon break
2:50-3:50Session 3 (Chair: May Azzawi, Manchester Metropolitan University)
2:50-3:10Liverpool John Moores Overview of vascular research (Maxime Boidin)Flash presentation 1 (Maxime Boidin)Flash presentation 2 (Hannah McLellan)
3:10-3:30Newcastle University Overview of vascular research (Helen Arthur)Flash presentation 1 (Simon Tual-Chalot)Flash presentation 2 (Simon Bamforth)Flash presentation 3 (Mike Taggart)
3:30-3:50University of Leeds Overview of vascular research (TBA)Flash presentation 1 (Katie Simmons)Flash presentation 2 (Marc Bailey)Flash presentation 3 (Paul Meakin)
3:50-4:00Decision on hosting in 2022 and close (Kirsten Riches-Suman)