Northern Vascular Biology Forum
9th December 2013

North Campus Conference Centre, University of Sheffield, UK.


Y. Alexander (Manchester Metropolitan)
P. Evans (Sheffield)
C. Holt (Manchester)
K. Naseem (Hull York)
S. Wheatcroft (Leeds)

11am Registration and coffee

12.00 Introduction (P. Evans)

Session 1 (Chairs: P. Evans and S. Wheatcroft)

12.10 Stephen Wheatcroft (Leeds). “IGF-binding proteins in vascular biology”
12.40 Sarah Hsiao (Sheffield). “Stents and endothelial cells – going with the flow”
12.55 Sarah Withers (Manchester). “Inflammation in the perivascular environment”

13.10 Lunch.

Session 2 (Chairs: C. Holt and Y. Alexander)

14.30 Victoria Ridger (Sheffield). “Neutrophil microparticles and atherosclerosis”
15.00 Simba Magwenzi (Hull). “Oxidised LDL- CD36 signalling in blood platelets”
15.15 Emily Clark (Leeds). “Evaluating a laboratory bioreactor model of abdominal aortic aneurysm disease”
15.30 Rachael Redgrave (Newcastle). “Angiogenesis and heart repair”
15.45 Jacqueline Ohanian (Manchester). “Signalling mechanisms regulating small artery function”

16.15 Concluding Remarks (S. Wheatcroft)